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Benefits of cloud computing

Lance Armah-Abraham

Lance Armah-Abrahamupdated on June 02, 2022

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One can benefit from cloud computing, be it a developer, a business or a service consumer. The benefits I mention here are not restricted to a certain cloud provider but general benefits one gets from each cloud. It's normally up to the business to access which cloud provider offers these benefits and even more in a way that they are pleased with, meets their business requirements and can they use.

Business benefits

  • Peace of mind: allow your team to work with little to no intervention from you as you can give them the resources they need at any point in time.
  • Delivery speed: it increases your speed of delivery as you do away with delays stemming from a lack of resources on premises.
  • Flexible payment model: pay for only the resources you use.
  • Cost management: get access to billing dashboards with insights to your cloud spendings.

Employee (developer) benefits

  • Save time waiting for resources to be ready for use as you can deploy resources any time you need and destroy when done.
  • Prototyping becomes easy: with a virtual machine and the plethora of services offered by cloud providers, it's easier to move from just diagrams on paper to testing out solutions in minutes.

End User (consumer) benefits

  • Service delivery speed: with cloud computing, you can make your services available to customers with reduced latency by building your service in multiple cloud provider regions.
  • Service reliability: with reduced latency and an increase in deployment speeds, you can make the service much more reliable for your users.
  • Improved security: the cloud offers a whole host of networking and security solutions at your fingertips that you can use to safe guard your service consumers, assuring them of the security of your services.

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