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What is cloud run?

Lance Armah-Abraham

Lance Armah-Abrahamupdated on June 02, 2022

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Before we talk about cloud run, it's important you know what a platform as a service offering is and how serveless platforms work. You can skip this section if you already know what they are.

The platform as a service (PASS) in simple terms is offering is a cloud service that eliminates the need to manage servers and configurations. The cloud platform takes care of all the management that could come with having to configure your applications and it's dependencies on a server. You get to use the command line or your cloud console to configure a PAAS service and your cloud provider takes care of making sure the application stays up and running.

Serveless is any technology that allows you to run a job or application without the need for server management and you get to pay for only what you use, for instance the number of times users visit your site or the processing power and time required to complete a long running job. It's essentially a PAAS offering that allows you to pay for only what you use.

What is Google Cloud Run?

Google Cloud defines cloud run as: Cloud Run is a managed compute platform that lets you run containers directly on top of Google's scalable infrastructure.

It's in simple terms a serveless offering from Google Cloud that allows you to run your application as containers.

With cloud run, you get to run your application with containers on google cloud and pay for only resources (CPU, memory and user requests or visits) you use.

You specify your container image, the memory and CPU your service requires, and cloud run bills you according to the number of requests or visits from your users, the processing time and memory usage during the request. The CPU and memory size affects your cost in the end, the higher CPU and memory your service uses, the higher the cost per request. You can use the google pricing calculator to first find out an estimated cost of running your service. You can also look at the cloud run pricing page for more details as there are some nuances and you might not get a one-one mapping of 1 request = $0.20 (this is not the actual charge, it's just an example) but networking costs might also be needed to take into consideration.

Benefits of Cloud Run

  • Run your application with containers
  • Pay for only what you use (number of requests or user visits)
  • Free 2 million user requests per month
  • Free first 180,000 vCPU-seconds per month
  • Free first 360,000 GiB-seconds free per month (GiB seconds is the memory usage per second in GB, example 1 GB per second when using 512MB memory is 2 * 512 = 2 seconds)
  • Get free SSL (https) for your website
  • Allows you to assign a custom domain name to your application
  • No management of application IP address required, GCP will give you an initial domain name based on your service and it will use a random public IP address from it's pool of IP addresses to make your service available on the internet. In short, you don't need to manage IP addresses.

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